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About Us


Mysterious World TV covers all non-fiction areas encompassing all from the paranormal, spiritual, metaphysical, extra-terrestrial, cryptids, time travel, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, lost treasures and civilizations and anything that falls under the umbrella of unexplained, mysterious and bizarre.  All documentaries are created around interviews with well-respected researchers, explorers, scientists and theorists who dedicate their lives on a quest to find answers.

With over 60 pre-recorded interviews with the most recognizable names in each respective field, you can expect to see more DVDs and streaming videos released in the near future.

Devon Belanger is the founder of Mysterious World.  With a lifelong fascination for what lies in that murky area between the reality that many deem as simply "black and white".  Devon, a British native and  former model/actress now focuses her work behind the camera. 

Hollywood Disclosure Alliance

Mysterious World TV/Devon Belanger is a Founding Member of the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance

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Tel:  833-SEE-MWTV

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