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Strange Sedona

Coming Soon ....In Pre-Production

A new docu-series covering the strange, mysterious, unexplained and bizarre hot spots in Sedona, Arizona! From the haunted Relics Restaurant, to Skinwalker Ranch's twin, The Bradshaw Ranch,  ET and the Contactee Movement, UFOs, Vortex and Leylines, Secret Military Bases and more!

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DEFEATING THE DEMONIC - An Extreme Immersion Seminar

THE BATTLE HAS BEGUN! There can be no denying that we are now engaged in a Spiritual War against Powers and Principalities orchestrating the destruction of everything that is good, right, beautiful and wholesome. They are hell-bent on replacing God’s natural, Creation with an artificial, synthetic world where perversion, confusion and chaos are the new normal. There are demonic forces lying in wait for the innocent to use their free will to crack open the door to their psyche and invite them inside. Empower yourself by learning how these dark forces weave their way into our lives and how to withstand and defeat them. In this timely exposé, you will witness examples of Demonic Infestation, Oppression, Possession, Exorcism and Deliverance. This event will alter your world view and change your life - forever.

Currently In Production

Dark Siege by Jason McLeod - Chapter Analysis

You never know what can be lurking in the cemeteries you casually drive by. Such was the case in the Fall of 1993, when Linda McLaughlin and her innocent six-year-old daughter Kelly passed by Union Cemetery in Easton Connecticut. Kelly didn’t even know such spirits existed when an apparition materialized and tapped into her consciousness. Nothing could have prepared her for the suffocating terror that she would soon experience when it followed her home. The merciless spirit didn't stop with Kelly. It targeted each and every family member and their friends when they were alone and most vulnerable. Then it targeted the alpha of the family, the Real Estate Broker father, who was a natural skeptic and the last person to believe in ghosts. In this tale of real haunting phenomena, a Connecticut Family is plagued by evil natured human spirits and by inhuman, diabolical entities who infest their home. Will the McLaughlin's ever get their lives back? Will these evil spirits continue to haunt them or will the family find help in ridding them of this terror from beyond the grave? The book explains in detail the process of investigating a ‘haunted house’ and what can be done about it. It explains the very real dangers involved with the negative occult--specifically Ouija boards and how playing with them can summon darkness and ruin into our lives.

Currently In Production

Exploring The Unexplained with Jeff Belanger

Jeff Belanger is an author, podcaster, storyteller, adventurer, and explorer of the unexplained. He’s written more than a dozen books that have been published in six languages, he’s the Emmy-nominated host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends series on PBS and Amazon Prime, he provides programs and lectures to audiences all over the world, and he’s been the writer and researcher for every episode of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. Jeff has made media appearances on hundreds of radio and television programs over his 25-year career, and he has a passion for mysteries and legend

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