The Gate Of God Mystery

Approximately 7 or 8 years ago, we were intrigued as to why a large independent corporation from China would be interested in buying a remote area of land in Romania. An area devoid of any useful commodities such as oil, coal, corn etc. Yes, this area had forestry, but it is so far from the beaten track that it is not accessible by car. Surely, it would have been far more cost-effective to purchase readily available tracts of wooded land for commercial purposes? Furthermore, why would the Romanian government steadfastly refuse to sell this land to this successful Chinese corporation? Why was China so interested in this land and why would the Romanian government refuse to sell?

It was decided to further investigate this remote area located in the eastern part of Romania. The area is called Buzua. The city of Buzău is the county seat of Buzău County, Romania, in the historical region of Wallachia. It lies near the right bank of the Buzău River, between the south-eastern curvature of the Carpathian Mountains and the lowlands of Bărăgan Plain.

During the visit, some military personnel were encountered. They were manning one of four radar stations that are located throughout the country. This particular radar station that these soldiers were guarding, was located approximately 40 miles from the area of land that the Chinese corporation had proposed to purchase. This area was the land of Luana.

It was learned that the land of Luana is a zone where strange phenomenon occurs. The local people said that, according to folklore, people have been sent to other places, or dimensions,by an “unseen force”, or they had disappeared in a strange, blue fog. They also claimed that treasure hunters who had visited the area had experienced some form of teleportation. Legend has it that there are valuable treasures located in the mountains that had been hidden there by warriors, approximately 2000-3000 years before Christ. Romanian folklore supposes that in Greek mythology, there is a sheep made of gold, and its golden wool is buried somewhere in the mountains.

It was reported that in the 1980s, some military experiments, including those in ESP (extra sensory perception) were conducted. In one experiment, a psychic/medium allegedly verified what they believed was taking place within the blue fog dome that would periodically appear. Whenever this dome was present, there was chaotic magnetic and energetic turbulence. A test subject, a human, was taken to the blue fog and instructed to walk into it. The man disappeared completely, right in front of their eyes. The military personnel, physicians, scientists and the medium were immediately panicked and began an intensive search for him.

The subject was eventually discovered after one hour, located a couple of miles from the place where he disappeared. The first words he said was “I came from the other side”. The light emitted from the blue fog was measured at the moment of his disappearance and it was recorded as 300,000 kelvins. For the purpose of comparison, the sun is 5,000 kelvins. This means, at this moment, the light recorded was 60 times brighter than the sun. The subject stated that he only experienced a couple of seconds of being away from his team, although in reality, he had been gone for over an hour.

One of the military personnel, who we shall call “John”began to explain about Zamolxis - The Gate Of God. John claimed that he believed that Zamolxis was a stargate or teleportation device of some form. He continued to talk about how the Romanian military were interested in this gate and conducted some investigations there during the communist regime. When asked “what is this place, exactly?”. John replied "it has different purposes for different people! Some people use it travel into the future, some into the past. It has also been used as a healing device!” You will see when you are getting close to the gate, the terrain is very rough. It is not accessible by vehicle and although the terrains is very challenging and strenuous, you will not experience any pain or fatigue during the hike. Your entire state of being will change, you will see".

John spoke of a cave in this region, and that he believed the rain had a high content of calcium. There are many caves but the terrain is almost like a “sponge”. He spoke of how the military put test subjects into the caves and then interviewed them as they came out, in order to learn about what each man experienced inside the caves.

Military experiments and investigations were conducted between 1978 and 1981 in this area, and some phenomenon occurred that cannot be explained by the laws of physics as we know it, right now. The study of the blue fog is the form, which was in the shape of half a sphere .. a dome ... was researched intensively. In addition to the temperature of the light being recorded between 280,000-300,000 kelvins, it was furthermore discovered that the noise is very uncomfortable for living beings. It is a low frequency noise around 3.4hz. The test subjects experienced nausea and headaches, and they described the sensation of all of the cells in their body vibrating. They experienced hallucinations and each subject claimed that they felt drawn to the dome. All mechanical and electrical equipment malfunctioned or completely stopped working near the fog dome. When the fog disappeared, all equipment worked perfectly once again.

One of the test subjects was a physician. He, as well as the other test subjects, all experienced fear upon entering the fog dome. They each recounted seeing an energy tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, they saw a white shining light. They reported that the air was thin and it was difficult to breathe and at the end of the tunnel, there was complete silence. The weight or gravity became gradually lighter and all test subjects suffered from light-headedness and were unable to stand for approximately 2 hours after the experiment. They also described how everything appeared inverted to them. These military experiments were conducted in front of many military personnel, physicians, chemists and a psychic/medium.

Intrigued further, the local people were questioned in order to determine if they had personally experienced any phenomena in this area. The locals explained that Zamolxis is an old God that existed before the Christians came. The old people in the region professed to know about these strange occurrences, but they insisted that it is just legend or myth. It was difficult to ascertain if they simply did not want to talk, if they were afraid and did not trust outsiders, or if the reality was that they simply did not know anything more!

At this point in time, 7 or 8 years ago, there was interested in producing a television show about this intriguing area. However, nothing transpired simply because the locals had nothing to say and unless John, who had many fascinating stories, was able to come up with specific evidence, and other people, in order to verify his claims. There was not enough substantial proof to create a credible documentary.

On a Friday morning in March 2014, John made contact once again and said he was prepared to provide the proof required to make a documentary and to reveal the exact location where the military investigations were conducted, in order that the phenomena could be experienced first hand. When John was asked “what evidence are you able to produce in order for us to consider making a documentary?”. John explained that during the period of time that military investigations were carried out there, he stole some military documents with results and testimony from these experiments. He further added that he had another couple of soldiers that were also in attendance that could verify this took place.

Of course, one could immediately question as to why he would steal military documents and take it to the media. There could be many risks involved with regard to this public breach of security. However, John believes that because of the change in the communist regime and the creation of a democracy, the military is not as powerful. Although, it was the secret police that were involved during that time, he feels this organization do not have the same level of power. However, it was assumed that John would reveal all on camera with the aid of a voice changer and silhouette. John did not disclose exactly what these documents would prove over the phone!

The men agreed to meet the very next morning, and they would travel to the location together. John never showed up. On Sunday, John’s wife was contacted via telephone to ascertain what happened. Highly distressed, she claimed that John was in a coma after being run over by a hit-and-run driver on Saturday morning, as he was on his way out to meet the producer.

Was this purely co-incidence? Is the Romanian government or military using this area, and if so, for what purpose? What was the Chinese interest in this area? It was further discovered that some Japanese researchers established that this area is the third energetic pole of the earth.

In the process of trying to discover more information regarding this unique place, there is surprisingly little to be found. Is this because there is no story and this is the rantings of a disillusioned individual? Or is there a shroud of secrecy cloaking this mystery?

The only other information that was found via the internet was from a site that we translated from Romanian to English. This is the translation ...

“A female folklore researcher who explored this area learned about the legends of old giants, aliens and mysterious disappearances. Luana was an old King. Legend has it that King Luana came in with chariots of fire, they were dressed in metal suits and they held some kind of energetic shield. She found many cave drawings which depicted unknown weapons and unknown writing.

There were also many UFO encounters with pilots in this areas. Military pilots reported sightings of UFOs and one particular pilot lost his eyesight due to the intensity and strength of the bright light. There was an investigation carried out, but nobody could explain this.

During the communist regime, there was a lot of pressure to remain silent about these sightings and related phenomenon. Twenty years later, some helicopter pilots were flying in the same area and they reported seeing a red ball of light that was approximately 20 meters in diameter. They announced that the red ball of light started to fly with them, matching their speed and direction and after some time, it disappeared. All three experienced and reported the exact same thing. It took twenty years to share this story publicly because they were forbidden to talk about it.

Another of the many UFO reports from this area was one that involved a group of students who were participating in a school trip in 1987. The children stated they saw four silver balls in the area. A 14 year old girl said that she saw a shiny object in the sky, she described it as a fireball. She added that from the firebal came some other smaller fireballs. These smaller fireballs were making very strange maneuvers and they were flashing as if it were a game, or a form of communication. At this time, the children had not heard of UFOs, so they were all very frightened.

One of their professors went to the area where they think one of the objects landed. The girl concluded that they were definitely not weather balloons or airplanes.

This account from their Professor: “This event took place at at 10am in the morning, the children were picking grapes and I was checking on them. All of a sudden I see something in the sky, like lightning. “

The Professor continues to verify the story of the little girl. He claimed that ”nobody had the guts to go with me to the landing spot. To get there, I had to pass through a cornfield, and all the plants were burnt in an area the size of couple of hundred of square meters. I reached the place, it was in some grass, and I found a big circle with 3 holes in it, 2 meters in diameter per hole. The communist regime entered into high alert after this occurrence, and put a lot of pressure on us all to stay silent. They restricted access to this area for 8 months.”

Is this Gate of God a real place with a high level of phenomena taking place? If so, what is the cause? Is the Romanian government or military using it? Are there any local people who will be willing to talk about what they have seen or heard first hand? Why is there so little information on this place in comparison to similar areas such as The Bermuda Triangle? Have there been sightings of cryptids here? Is there paranormal activity taking place? Is there evidence of UFO sightings, or even anybody else experiencing teleportation, if that is even possible? We invite you investigate and research and see what conclusions you reach during your search! Please let us know and feel free to post your results on our facebook page or our blog at Mysterious World TV.


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