A Cursed Ship?

Can a ship, boat or plane be cursed? Does it hold its own energy? Can it have some kind of "awareness" upon which it can act, or possibly be occupied by restless energies and spirits that somehow have the ability to manipulate events?

We only have to look at the legend of the alleged cursed James Dean car to begin to question the chain of coincidence.

The demise, abandonment and ultimate destruction of vehicles is an interesting topic. One can refer to luxury ships that have sunk, been left abandoned to rot, or towed away to a scrapper yard to be dismantled, piece by piece, and eventually recycled.

The airplane graveyard located in Arizona is home to acre upon acre of military aircraft. These aircraft were revered in their day and now, they sit pitifully awaiting their final dismantle and obliteration.

Junk yards where cars are piled precariously, one on top of the other. The once beautiful piece of machinery that proudly and smoothly pulled out of the showroom, sleek and modern, turning the heads of all admiring onlookers now rust away. No more the pride and joy of somebody's life, simply an eyesore.

Each one of these mechanical structures must have absorbed so many energies and emotions over their years of service. The places visited, the strong emotions of their passenger