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Mysterious World TV NEWS - 2016

Introducing “Mysterious Getaways” - your new niche area in the ever-growing and exciting industry of “Dark Tourism”.


Founded by the CEO of Mysterious World TV, Devon Belanger proudly launches this interactive, fascinating and unique concept for the world’s most unforgettable vacations. 


Every single vacation facility listed on, has a fascinating story hiding between their walls or on their grounds! Each facility is listed by genre,region, budget and specials ... according to your areas of interest and spare change!!. Be it paranormal and supernatural, UFOs and aliens, unexplained murders and mysteries, myths legends and unusual creatures, strange disappearances, links or clues to ancient worlds, mysteries and anomalies, conspiracies, search for lost treasures and civilizations, spirituality and the occult, infamous deaths or notorious events!


Covering all from hotels, motels, inns, bed & breakfast locations … even private vacation rentals all over the country, and soon, all over the globe …. and who knows, maybe soon, even beyond!!


Mysterious Getaways will personally visit as many of the locations as possible, in order to determine and document the alleged sightings, stories and evidence.  We will create and produce an entertaining, short documentary for each location.  We will explain the history, give you an overview of the local area and attractions,  and invite you to conduct your own investigation and share your stories, evidence and reviews on our site!


Furthermore, private sellers and realtors alike will be encourage to submit their “unique” real estate for rent or sale on our linked pages. Be it a haunted house, a property with a high number of documented UFO sightings, a scandalous or notorious history or linked to the unusual, unexplained and mysterious. We are happy to add reciprocal links to local tourist related businesses in your area, and add specials and coupons for all guests booking via Mysterious Getaways.


We have created Mysterious Getaways for YOU - those of you with open minds, curiosity seekers, adventurers, explorers .. those of you who are looking for a vacation that is out of the ordinary and will leave you with an experience, and a great story, that you cannot wait to share with the rest of the like-minded folks frequenting this site. We love to hear your ideas, theories, experiences, reviews and feedback to help us in our continual expansion! So bookmark our page, subscribe to our newsletter, submit your evidence and ideas and become a part of the Mysterious Getaways family.


For more information - please visit our website as


Mysterious World TV NEWS - 2016

Neostalgia TM:


Mysterious World TV proudly presents “Neostalgia” - a passionate blend of technology, mystery, exploration, adventure and journeys through time.


Our quest for answers is a journey of discovery encompassing all corners of the globe. We research ancient clues and marry them with modern ground-breaking technology, in an endeavor to solve the mysteries of the oceans.  Relying upon a purpose built explorer yacht, we seek the unanswered enigmas that remain secret, beneath our feet. The Lost Dutchman, Atlantis, The Treasure of the Seven Cities, The Metal Library or The Pirate’s Hoard. All have inspired dreams, stories through the ages that have eluded explorers through to today.


In our quest for answers, we bring an exceptionally talented, international team of researchers, geologists, engineers, scientists, aboriginals and visionaries on our adventure. A unity of tradition and technology, science and spirituality, intellect and intuition, methodology and mysticism.


Join us on our expedition, our pursuit for evidence, our unrelenting commitment to discover the truth.

Neostalgia - A vision, an adventure of 1000 lifetimes, a journey trailblazing new paths in exploration, research and discovery.


NEOSTALGIA: USPTO approves Trademark

I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it. -- Harry Emerson Fosdick