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21 September 2019 - Phoenix, AZ

Mysterious World TV and best-selling author, Jason McLeod, are proud to present the following event to be held at the Pioneer Living History Museum between 5pm - 10pm on Saturday 21 September 2019!

The schedule is as follows:


5pm - 7pm - Speaking engagement with Jason McLeod - author of "Dark Siege:  A Connecticut Family's Nightmare" and "Dark Siege 2:  The Nightmare Returns"

Jason writes:  

I’m excited to spend several days with Devon Belanger out in Phoenix to not only conduct an engaging, consciousness-expanding Presentation / Lecture and Q&A, but also make available to each participant a FREE copy of my bestselling 467–page novel, Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family’s Nightmare. So not only do you get totally unique information from my 30 years in the field, but something to take with you.

Most exciting of all, for me, is the opportunity to work with Devon who will be filming the Chapter Analyses in the end of Dark Siege as well as other clips. We will be working on the audio book versions of my novels and prepping for the movie production coming soon.

Dark Siege is the most terrifying case of demonic infestation, oppression, possession and exorcism I have ever personally investigated. Some of the most horrifying cases are kept private for a reason and attendees are about to learn why.

This is not for the faint of heart. But participants will be more empowered and more knowledgeable than ever before.

The cost for the two hour presentation including a SIGNED COPY of the novel "Dark Siege:  A Connecticut Family's Nightmare" is $20.  Seating is VERY LIMITED.  Book now to avoid disappointment!

Followed By a THREE HOUR INVESTIGATION of the Pioneer Living History Museum.  We will be permitted to enter the historic buildings at the facility!  We are very excited to have some of the awesome team members from PAPS join us for this event and lead you through the investigation.  You can learn more about PAPS on their website here:

The cost for the three hour investigation is ONLY $20!  If you can bring 3 pieces of paranormal investigative equipment that you are willing to share with the rest of the group, your cost is reduced to $15.  Please outline what equipment you will be bringing to get the discounted rate!

Please bring water to stay hydrated, you might want to bring a flashlight.  This will be a walking tour and some areas are not paved or well-lit - please prepare accordingly.  A signed release of liability waiver will be required by all participants prior to commencing the tour.

All guests will be given a FREE signed DVD of Mysterious World TV's "House of Darkness House of Light" with special guest, Andrea Perron.  This is the TRUE story behind the blockbuster movie "The Conjuring"

PAPS will be bringing along some of their investigative gear which will include K2 meters, Mel meter, Geophone, Spirit box, the Ovilus etc.  Please feel free to bring along your own equipment, too!  If you want to experiment with some of the "ghost apps" on your phone, here are some you might want to try and download:

iOvilius - Digital Dowsing

Magcam - DIgital Dowsing

Ghost Locator

Ghost Observer

Ghost Radar

Ghost Detector

Ghost Recorder

Ghost O Meter

Ghost Hunter M2

Ghost Detect Pro

(Be sure to send us screenshots of anything interesting your apps capture!)

Finally, check out Jason's podcast in October 2019 with Cygnus X-1 Paranormal Podcast with Rod and Jamie:


2 Hour Presentation ONLY - $20 (includes signed book by author) - SPACE LIMITED

3 Hour Paranormal Investigation ONLY (includes signed DVD by Mysterious World TV)

3 Hour Paranormal Investigation providing 3 pieces of paranormal equipment to share with group - $15

5 Hour Presentation and Investigation - $40 (includes signed book and DVD)

5 Hour Presentation and Investigation providing 3 pieces of paranormal equipment to share with group - $35

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Jason is flying in from out of state to conduct his presentation for you!

paranormal investigation poster pioneer

Below:  Slideshow of the Pioneer Living History Museum by MWTV Photography

Below:  Union Cemetery, Easton, Connecticut


Below:  Movie Trailer - Coming in 2021

Below:  Chapter One - Audio Book


If you have trouble booking online here, please reserve your tickets through EventBrite Here:


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