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Director:  Devon Belanger

Featuring:  Paul Selig

Genre:  Spiritual


This presentation was filmed at the 5th Annual Through The Veil gathering which was held between 7-9th June 2013 in Atlanta, GA.  
In his breakthrough works of channeled literature, I Am the Word and The Book of Love and Creation, author and medium Paul Selig recorded an extraordinary program for personal and planetary evolution as humankind awakens to its own divine nature. I Am the Word and The Book of Love and Creation are energetic transmissions that works directly on its readers to bring them into alignment with the frequency of the Word, which Paul’s guides call the energy of “God in Action.” 
Paul was born in New York City and received his Master’s Degree from Yale. He had a spiritual experience in 1987 that left him clairvoyant. As a way to gain a context for what he was beginning to experience, he studied a form of energy healing, working at Marianne Williamson’s Manhattan Center for Living and in private practice. In the process, he began to “hear” for his clients, and much of Paul’s work now is as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, channel, and empath. 
Paul has led channeled energy groups for many years. In 2009 he was invited to channel at the Esalen Institute’s Superpowers symposium, where he was filmed for the upcoming documentary film Authors of the Impossible. He is the subject of the short documentary film Paul & the Word and is featured on the A&E/Biography channel series The UneXplained, which premiered in August, 2012. His numerous radio appearances include Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. His recent and upcoming workshops include include The Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York and the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Calfornia. Also a noted playwright and educator, Paul serves on the faculty of NYU and directs the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Goddard College. He lives in New York City, where he maintains a private practice as an intuitive. His newest channeled work, The Book of Knowing and Worth, is due from Tarcher/Penguin in December, 2013.


Amazon Price  $14.95  Run Time:  90 Mins/NTSC

Mysterious World TV Price:  $9.95


Wonder is retained by wise pondering. --Ravi Zacharias

Director:  Devon Belanger

Featuring:  Thomas Reed

Genre:  UFO


This is the true story of the historic Reed family UFO case. This is one of only a few Close Encounters of the 4th Kind to be brought to the attention of the United Nations. Evidence collected over several decades of this multi-generational abduction case have made the Reed Family's one of the most credible cases that has ever been investigated by law enforcement, MUFON and Aerospace. Thomas will take you on a journey out of this world, through the eyes of his childhood right through to the tragic murder of his father and the doctor who testified on their behalf.


Amazon Price  $16.95  Run Time:  98 Mins/NTSC

Mysterious World TV Price:  $9.95


THOMAS REED - The Willow Tree.

We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.--The Talmud

KARYN DOLAN - Life of an Abductee

Director:  Devon Belanger

Featuring:  Karyn Dolan

Genre:  UFO


Karyn Dolan is host of the radio program, Through the Keyhole, on the Paranormal Radio Network since 2007. She served on the Board of Directors of the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada and has lectured at UFO and paranormal conferences around the US. Karyn has also written for Women of Esoterica and published articles in magazines such as The Spirit Diggers and Fate Magazine. This video was filmed at the "Look To The Stars" 2013 UFO Symposium, brought to you by Starworks USA. 
Karyn discusses her experiences with alien abduction and the reaction of her family, friends and colleagues.


Amazon Price  $16.95  Run Time:  60 Mins/NTSC

Mysterious World TV Price:  $9.95

Director:  Devon Belanger

Featuring:  John Ventre

Genre:  UFO


John is the PA, DE and WV State Director for the Mutual UFO Network. John appeared in the Discovery Channel's "UFOs over Earth" series in 2008 and the History Channel's "UFO Hunters" in 2009. John has appeared on numerous radio shows and is a speaker at various UFO and Paranormal conferences such as the MUFON Symposium, UFO Congress and Fortean Conference. In this 95 minute documentary, John presents his case for UFOs.


Amazon Price  $16.95  Run Time:  95 Mins/NTSC

Mysterious World TV Price:  $6.95 

JOHN VENTRE - The case for UFOs

The real mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to be experienced.--J.J. Van der Leeuw 


Einstein when asked what question he would desire the answer to most before dying replied: "The Universe, is it friendly?" 


Director:  Devon Belanger

Featuring:  John E. L. Tenney

Genre:  Paranormal, UFO, Conspiracy, Cryptids, Time Travel


 John E.L. Tenney is one of the most well-recognized investigators of paranormal/occult phenomena in America. Mr. Tenney has been actively involved in the field of occult, paranormal, and conspiratorial research for almost three decades.


His columns, spanning the fields of UFOlogy, hauntings and conspiracy theories, have been printed in magazines and newspapers world-wide, and he has lectured to numerous public and private schools, universities, organizations and clubs, it is estimated that over the past 25 years more than 70,000 people have attended one of Mr. Tenney’s signature “Weird Lectures”. John is the author of more than a dozen books and due to his extended time involved in paranormal research he has acted as a consultant for numerous companies including, but not limited to, Discovery, History Channel, A&E, Fox, SyFy, The New York Times, NBC and ABC. He hosts the paranormal podcast Realm of the Weird which Real Detroit Weekly named best Podcast in Michigan for four years in row.

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