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Mysterious World TV covers all non-fiction areas encompassing all from the paranormal, spiritual, metaphysical, extra-terrestrial, cryptids, time travel, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, lost treasures and civilizations and anything that falls under the umbrella of unexplained, mysterious and bizarre.  All documentaries are created around interviews with well-respected researchers, explorers, scientists and theorists who dedicate their lives on a quest to find answers.

With over 60 pre-recorded interviews with the most recognizable names in each respective field, you can expect to see more DVDs and streaming videos released in the near future.


Mysterious World TV has also branched out with two sister corporations which are being launched in 2022.  Mysterious Getaways - your new niche area in the dark tourism realm.


Devon Belanger is the founder of Mysterious World.  With a lifelong fascination for what lies in that murky area between the reality that many deem as simply "black and white".  Devon, a British native and  former model/actress now focuses her work behind the camera. 


In addition, Devon has created (and trademarked) NEOSTALGIA. 


Neostalgia will infuse revolutionary technology along with spoken legend, in order to search for lost treasures and civilizations both on land, and, under the sea.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy browsing through this ever-growing site. We offer all from streaming videos, DVD sales, e-commerce, newsletter subscriptions, prizes and giveaways, loyalty rewards, sponsor opportunities, blogs and vlogs, classifieds section including haunted real estate, and "mysterious" products and services for sale, employment opportunities and casting calls.  

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

– Albert Einstein

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